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Sound simulator

Creating sounds concurrently to a film or for another audio source has not been intuitive as long as you do use digital equipment. Times have changed and now we have developed a sound generator which allows to generate the engine noise plus tire squeezing concurrently and intuitive both at the same time.

Using it is as easy as driving a car, but without the risk of damaging it :)

The Graphical interface allows setting the car and the listener to the desired destinations plus the road texture (standard street, stone, mud, etc) and direction of the car in relation to the user (curve, straight, etc). The tool automatically calculates the doppler effect (frequency shift resulting from velocity towards the listener, remember the ambulance sound).

Then you have a couple of parameters which act on the car model:




... the same as in a real car.

those inputs act on the physical (sound relevant) car model which is built in different areas:


Gear box (to calculate the velocity of the car)


Tires (those usually create most noise during the drive)

Then you can give it a test drive. Step on the gas and listen to the incredible, realistic sound of the car driving!

Coming soon: Sound samples, screen shots + application

its feasible, though still in the idea phase!